Weaver's Cove Energy is proposing to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminal on the Taunton River in the North End of Fall River, Massachusetts. Our facility will consist of a single storage tank, a new pier, various processing equipment and several small support buildings.

As an alternative, Weaver’s Cove Energy is proposing to construct an offshore berth in Mount Hope Bay. This berth will be capable of receiving LNG ships, supporting the LNG unloading operations, and then moving the LNG in liquid form through buried, insulated, underwater transfer lines to the storage tank at the onshore facility. Consistent with our previous project plans, the LNG will be stored and subsequently vaporized for transport through pipelines to homes and businesses throughout the region; or, it will be transported via truck from the terminal as a liquid to “peakshaving” storage tanks, such as the one on Bay Street in Fall River.

The proposed LNG facility would be conceptually similar, but larger in size and using more current technology than the existing Fall River Gas (now New England Gas) LNG plant that has operated safely on Bay Street in Fall River since 1970. The main difference between the two facilities will be that the proposed terminal at Weaver's Cove will have the capability to unload LNG from tankers bringing the gas from overseas and will use more advanced design and construction technology.

In addition, two new 24-inch natural gas pipelines will be developed by Mill River Pipeline, LLC, a sister company to Weaver's Cove Energy, to link the facility to the Algonquin Gas Transmission Company interstate natural gas transmission system in the area.